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Fight the Xatax, the 25th century alien force!

Xatax is a top notch left to right sidescroller shooter game, in which you control a little yet very powerful ship, in the ongoing fight against the eponymous enemy, the Xatax, which are an alien race, of the 25th century, which wants nothing more than to see your ships destroyed. It's fun to sink into, a great deal of fun to play, has a whole load of power ups and upgrades to use at your own leisure and so on. Overall, Xatax is a beautiful game, surely well produced, with beautiful graphics, and more than anything, a game that knows how to keep itself really playable and offer you a satisfying set of graphics and a great set of levels. What you might feel that it lets you down with, is the fact that the enemies, individual and in their arrangements are a bit too common, after a while; however that too is alright, as this is a game that sets in a grove, and is more relaxing than engaging. Which is not to say that the alien invaders won't put a fight, but if you play well you get a whole load of great weapons, so most of the time you won't feel in danger. Similarly, yet much more difficult, the crazy difficult R Type is the game to try when you really want to get a mighty challenge!

A standard shooter side scroller

Xatax is a fantastic and insanely addictive side-scrolling shooter game (much like Project X and Amanagi) with all that such a game should have. You have a tiny ship, fly in space and shoot every other enemy ship or laser trying to destroy you. As simple it is, it is still capable of gluing us to the chair for hours on end. There are a lot of powerups along the way, which can enhance your weapons or overall performance. There are three levels, and then you get to face Xatax, your nemesis, himself. The sound effects are really nice, and the tune that is playing in the background is also pretty cool, but nothing spectacular. The graphics are good, and the designed neat and futuristic, the animation also very solid, but there is nothing extraordinary. The whole game is not revolutionary, it's just a side scroller like every other game, but still it delivers in its huge amount of fun and action. I would recommend it especially for kids for the game's simplicity in gameplay and controls, since the game really is a no-brainer. Very good!

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