Tubular Worlds

Arcade 1994 Dos Dosbox Dongleware Space combat Flight shooter Action based

Really enticing 16bit styled left to right flight shooter

Tubular Worlds tells one of those self engaged stories about humanity becoming bionic, with pilots having to implant themselves to stay useful in the highly demanding world of defense avionics of the future. However, regardless of this story, presented as the game is loading, the left to right shooting and flying, top down, through really great looking vistas is great. There is something rather compelling about the way this game is drawn. It simulates extreme depths even if it is a 2D top down game and it pumps you up to see what the developers might have at the ready for you. And, boy, were the creative juices flowing! The game really knows how to keep you visually satiated, but not only that, the gameplay itself, while not an R Type killer, is nonetheless very good. So, expect lots of visual variety, a few well done bosses as well as challenging enemies and creative designs. In the same stylistic graphical vein, but, I would argue, not as good as Tubular Worlds, Menace offers another alright shooter with the same kind of backbone. So play Tubular Worlds and have Menace at the ready, like an addendum on that very same 16 bit recipe.

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