Command and Conquer 3 - Tiberium Wars

Strategy 2007 Windows Electronic Arts Real time War

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Let's go to war

Tiberium Wars doesn't really add much that's new to the real-time strategy template that the original Command & Conquer and Dune 2 laid down, but it scores a whole lot of points for simply being an extremely fine game. Don't go in expecting any radical changes to what's gone before, but instead you can expect a gripping storyline, top notch production values and some very entertaining gameplay. This one continues the narrative from previous games, telling the tale of three competing factions who are battling it out for supremacy and survival due to the presence of an insidious and mysterious new substance. The gameplay is a typical fast-paced RTS where you take control of one of the three factions and play through a series of missions unique to each one. You'll be building up bases here, developing new units and then sending them out into battle against your enemies, with an extensive range of units and buildings to experiment with, and with the missions supported by some impressive FMV sequences featuring some popular B-list actors. In terms of RTS games, this is about as familiar as it gets, with all the usual features that you would expect. However, while games such as KKND don't get above being average because of their lack of originality, in Tiberium Wars' case, this really doesn't matter. It gets off to a great start, with some fantastic visuals and cutscenes that really set the stage for what is to come, and once you get into the game proper, things just get better. If you're looking for challenge, variety, tactical depth and a good storyline, all wrapped up in an RTS package, this has to be one of the best.

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