Command & Conquer

Strategy 1995 Dos Westwood World Wars Real time 4X

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The fight for the Tiberium resource is deadly!

By the end of 95 the graphical quality of RTSes had reached a level that made games look absolutely stunning in 2D. Also, the genre was no longer as fresh as it once was, and so the controls had matured, the AIs were sharper, the interfaces were cleaner and more user friendly. Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn speculates all of these advances to its advantage, to create a very enticing real time strategy experience. The universe of Tiberian Dawn lives or dies by its own spice (if it were Dune, hehe!) which is the Tiberium, which is wanted by all the combatant factions. Therefore, the single player campaign will see you through a lot of skirmishes and quite a few uniquely designed missions, all to get control of the Tiberium. But, in terms of immersion, real time strategy quality and well thought out progression, this is a game that endured and that was and remains a great. Play it, along with the other Command and Conquer titles out there. All of them offer a great real time strategy experience.

All hail the kings of strategy!

You can play two different parties and the gameplay is very typical for this kind of game - you must build a base and gather resources which you then use for building buildings, research facilities and combat units. After you've become strong enough - it's time to take out your enemies! What makes this game better than most of its time? Well, the ingeniously written AI, interesting setting and tons of action are just some of the reasons. The multiplayer option, that was a really big deal back in '95, definitely helps. The fantastic graphics and beautiful design with a very user friendly interface are the cherry on top, while the soundtrack is just a nice bonus. When the game first came out everybody went crazy for this game and even today the game is viewed as one of the best strategy games of all times. Don't believe me? Then go and try the games yourself. You'll see that I'm right!

A realtime war classic

Following the experience of the previous real time strategy games published (Dune series), Westwood studios decided to bring to us a real masterpiece, still worth playing. Command and Conquer will allow you settle a base and take vantage of the resource you will find next to the headquarter. Then you will create your army (simple soldiers, tanks, assault troops, ...) and with it destroy the enemy. Really good real time elements will give you the opportunity to show the world your tactical skill in an environment that will not give you the time to stand and think what to do: so be quick in deciding how to allocate your army, your enemy will not wait for you.

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