Command & Conquer Red Alert 3

Strategy 2008 Windows Electronic Arts 4X Real time Alternate History Real time strategy

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Modern game with retro look

Command and Conquer Red Alert 3, is based off the hit multiplayer real-time military strategy game Command and Conquer Red Alert, that spawned it's own series of sequels. The expansion packs to the game are Command and Conquer - Red Alert 3 -Uprising and Command and Conquer - Red Alert 3 Tiberium Wars. If you are a fan of the Command and Conquer games, you will enjoy this one. The game developers payed extra attention to giving it that nostalgic feel, that made the first Red Alert game as good as it was. Being a history buff, I love the alternative history theme to Red Alert games, with modern retouches. Some of the alternative history themes for example are that the game gives you the feel that you really are controlling or fighting a modern communist Soviet Russian army. The cinematic cut scenes are very stunning and actually have some reasonably famous actors starring in them. The game likes to throw into the cut scenes once in a while hot European and Russian babes in bikini's for whatever reason necessary, which will appeal to an adult audience. The weapons are interesting and futuristic such as being able to control dolphins with bombs strapped to their backs. This is an amazing game and worth while for anyone wanting to play a modern installment of the Command and Conquer Red Alert series. As this is such different gameplay and storyline to the similar game Command and Conquer Generals it is deserving of it's own Red Alert game.

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