Command & Conquer - The Covert Operations

Strategy 1996 Windows Dosbox Virgin Interactive 4X Real time War

Hefty and quite difficult NOD and GDI expansion pack

The original Command & Conquer came on two separate CDs back in the day, one that contained the single player campaign for the NOD, the other that contained the GDI campaign. Both were pretty much self contained, like their own games, so, when it came time to release an expansion, the developers thought that instead of a single minded campaign for only one of these parts, they'd rather just create a mission pack, to have missions for both these factions, to, well, quench the thirst for new content for the whole ecosystem of players! So, this expansion contains 7 and respectively 8 missions for the GDI and the NOD. Nothing too fancy though, just a few new maps and missions that are quite large; but the main difference is in terms of difficulty; these new missions were expected to be played by those that had already mastered the vanilla game, and so, they allowed themselves to go a bit crazy in terms of difficulty. Yet, it's not the kind of difficulty bump achieved by cramming more units on the map, or by allowing the computer to cheat, nope, it's the smart kind of difficulty bump, where you actually have the units act more in unison, maybe a bit aided by scripts, here and there, but mainly by writing an AI that is more poised on collaboration. So, only play this if you've already went through Command & Conquer, the original, and crave a bit more content, while also being confident that you can handle a bit of a serious challenge.

C&C pack game

The Covert Operations is an expansion pack for Command & Conquer released in 1996 and developed by WestWood Studios. These are the features of the pack: fifteen new single-player missions, ten new multiplayer maps and seven new high quality CD audio tracks (as well as lower quality in-game versions). Well, it may all fine and good, but couldn't they at least include one covert operations or specia forces unit for both sides? Worst, the new single-player missions have no briefing cutscenes. That's disappointing indeed. The gameplay and graphics aren't improved, so this pack is nothing special so you can really stick to original C&C game.

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