Commander Keen 6

Arcade 1991 Dos Dosbox FormGen Platformer

Weakest entry in a great series

The last in the long running and immensely popular Commander Keen series, this sixth episode sees the boy hero/adventurer embarking on his biggest mission yet. After his babysitter is kidnapped by evil aliens from the planet Fribbulus Xax, Keen must travel across the universe to save her, and which involves plenty of fun platforming action as he explores, collects and bounces his way through several increasingly challenging levels. While this episode is certainly enjoyable enough, the inspiration is clearly running a little dry and the game plays out in a very similar fashion to its predecessors, with only minor variations in gameplay. This one is less linear than part 5, which makes it more interesting to explore, but is not as open as part 4 which is somewhat disappointing. Graphics remain as characterful as ever, with the vibrant sprites and environments that players are accustomed to from the series, while sound effects and music are serviceable enough. There's nothing really wrong with Commander Keen 6, it is just too similar to the earlier games to be worth recommending wholeheartedly and is definitely the weakest game in the series. Fans will probably enjoy it but there are better platformers out there.

The final episode of the series

Commander Keen is on yet another adventure, and this time aliens have taken his babysitter! The adventurer he is, he must go and rescue her from the evil hands of the Bloogs. This is unfortunately the last episode of the Commander Keen series, and is preceded by Commander Keen 5: Goodbye Galaxy, in which he saved the entire galaxy. Such a hardworking boy, Keen is. The gameplay in the sixth episode is much similar to the fifth one, where he goes from one level to the other, collecting items on his pogo stick. Also, like in the last game, there is a secret level which can be accessed by thoroughly exploring optional parts of the game. The game is as fun and adventurous as the last five were and it's really a shame that the game got canceled. The game has all the now trademark design and beautiful colors although a bit outdated, even for the time of the release, with the same cute humor and sound effects. If you liked the other Commander Keen series, you will definitely love this one, too.

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