Commander Keen 2

Arcade 1990 Dos Apogee Platformer Horizontal shooter

More of everything that put the original in the limelight!

As I mentioned in a review of the third Commander Keen game, much of the success of the series had its underpinning in managing to offer a hefty bit for free, for those that exchanged games on the proto internet of the era, the BBS scene from back in the day. So, naturally, as this first title caught traction, it was just a question of making the second game as good as it should, to manage to attract players. The other values of the series, that made it successful in the shareware scene are pretty much to be seen in the entire long spanning series, and they are just as evident in this second title as well. Which revolve around large scale levels, alright animations, colorful and not too original graphics, but cartoony and immediately recognizable, and a neat, immediately recognizable player character. The rest is just different versions of this same ideas, and the gameplay, for this second game, as well as, for good measure, for the entire series, has never been too hard, unforgiving or too eager to impress. Nope, Commander Keen 2 was a children's or early adolescent's game, the kind that appealed to those that still could appreciate cartoons or graphical novels or superhero comics. Definitely though, Keen 2 is a worthy light DOS experience, worth its weight in gold when you feel like oldschool left to right and up and down exploration is what you need!

A DOS classic

Back in the late '90's DOS platform has huge library of DOS games. Commander Keen was the very first game from that library that I had played. In the game you travel from one place to another, each place having the same objective: getting from part A to part B. This isn't a linear game due to the fact that you choose which level you want to play next. The style of gameplay is just an overhead view. Here you only explore the surroundings and picking up the levels. The sidescrolling part of the game is still to this game magnificent. Unlike the first game, Commander Keen 2 has some really fluent animation, not only on your character, but on the enemy AI as well. Shooting down enemies is as fun as in the prequel, however you better conserve your ammo because it's not unlimited. The one hit death are annoying, but it doesn't ruin your overall gaming experience and fun. The sound in the game reminds of the great time when DOS games not only looked good but even sounded good. CK2 game is a game that is a pity to look over. If you happen to find it somewhere (here for instance!!), just get your hands on it and see how much fun can you have with it.

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