Secret Agent

Arcade 1992 Dos Apogee Platformer Item collection Action

Just like Mission Impossible

Secret Agent is only the first in a series of three side-scrolling platform games and all three have identical gameplay, while the only difference is in the level design, graphics and the story. This game follows a agent that is only known by his code name 006 as he goes from one labyrinthine maze to another in the search of a radar dish that he must find and destroy. After that, he needs to find a bundle of dynamite that is hidden somewhere in the level and use it to blow up the doors that lead to the end of the level. Of course, there are lots of dangers and obstacles in the way - doors that need keys, laser beams that kill instantly and human and robotic enemies that are after you and lots more. An interesting feature is that the game is entirely non-linear; there are 16 levels that can be accessed in any order save the one final level that can be accessed only after the first 15 are cleared. The game is very fun, addictive and challenging and will make you shout in frustration more than once because of its difficulty. Whatever may happen, you are sure that you will have lots of fun. The graphics of the game are very nice, colorful and detailed and the level design is unique and very innovative. All in all, we are presented with a fun game that is a great start to the series and be sure to check out the sequel after you've finished.

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