Commander Keen Dreams

Arcade 1993 Dos Dosbox Softdisk Publishing Platformer

Great game in a superb platformer series

Commander Keen will evoke happy memories to all those that were lucky enough to own an IBM compatible during the early 89s. While the game was ported to other systems as well, it was the DOS platform where Commander Keen shone. And here is why: Commander Keen is a classic platformer within a cartoonish and well designed world. Much like classics such as Lost Vikings, the environments are littered with secrets, so that every time you try something new, say, jump towards a wall or jump to a seemingly empty area, something cool and novel may happen. Commander Keen not only features crisp and very well designed environments but it also has a very well constructed set of controls and mechanics. Keen, the protagonist, can jump, double, jump, shoot, duck, hand on ledges and is very carefully animated. Therefore, you experience no frustration due to ledges just beyond your accessibility or other cheap shots, the likes of which the DOS platform had its full. Nope, the game is perfectly playable, dosed correspondingly to suit many different styles of play and to allow you to explore without feeling the constriction of unfair boundaries. I wound even venture to argue that Commander Keen is the best platformer of its era, were it not for other close contenders such as the Duke Nukem platformers, or the Jill of the Jungle series. At any rate, for the teenagers of then and now and even for smaller children this is an absolute must play, and it's as much fun now as it ever was. Don't miss out!

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