Commandos 3: Destination Berlin

Strategy 2003 Windows Eidos Historical Real time Isometric Action

A more action oriented Commandos, still great

Commandos 3: Destination Berlin, just like the older brothers, combines the same tactical, puzzle bound, stealth, behind enemy lines kind of top down style of play. You still have to use your commandos as smartly as possible, to be able to complete each mission's objectives, and you have to be very careful and calculated with your tactics, as being spotted can really be a drag. However, what Commandos 3: Destination Berlin does, which hadn't really been attempted before in the series, is a shift, at least for parts of the game, for some missions, towards really engaging action portions. What these end up being in reality is cover shooting: you make sure your Commandos are well covered from enemy fire and go for shooting reprises, as in a top down action game. But, don't worry, the game hasn't lost its luster and its propensity towards tactical play in stealth mode, there is a lot of that old style of play as well, but here and there action is delivered without adulteration. Furthermore, the 2D game world has received yet another coat of polish, mainly through higher resolution maps, and also, the interior spaces, which are the only 3D bits of the game, hmm, look alright, more modern, but ultimately feel kind of out of place. Still, with its good and bad portions, this is still a powerful Commandos game, worth playing, without a question.

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