Cossacks: the Art of War

Strategy 2002 Windows GSC Game World Historical Real time

Modern 2D RTS; huge amounts of units

This is a fairly recent RTS, judging by retro gaming standards, and, in some ways a fairly standard one: no matter which army you will be wielding, you need to, for the most part, follow two rules: build a hefty base, and attack with as many units as possible. The original aspect of the game, especially for modern machines, comes from the fact that the game engine is optimized to display huge armies, of the order of thousands of units. This, coupled with an alright AI, and lots of unit types and maps, leads to a very playable, classic, medieval style strategy game, very capable and very much fun. Controlling the high number of units is also a smart move, since Cossacks: the Art of War offers you a very interesting and very well oiled control scheme. You could play the game with the mouse only, but if you learn a few keyboard commands you'll have a much better chance of getting more from the game. And, a good download alternative can be Cossacks 2: Napoleonic War still as modern and as fun as the older games in the series.

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