Strategy 1999 Windows Eidos Historical Empire management Real time

Follows the plot of the movie; nice blend of strategy/action

Braveheart is a strategy game, but also an action game, and it was built as a tie-in to the eponymous movie. In it you will mainly act as an army general, but you also get quite a few other means of interaction with the game world. T times, the game feels like an adventure while in other points it plays more like an action game. Graphically, it's a top down game throughout, with nice maps and well done and animated characters. Many of the characters in the original movie make an appearance and the dialogues and plot are well written, as I said, following the events of the movie. This makes this game a must play for fans of the movie, even in spite of the rather mediocre production value, when all is said and done. That is so because Braveheart is not a very well polished game. However, it is a game that knows how to stay fresh for a good chunk of time. It reminded me of the quality of production of the Monty Python games, games which, also, could only be truly enjoyed by fans of the movies of the same name. So, yeah, see Braveheart and only then attempt to play this one, if you love adventure, action and strategy games.

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