Cool Croc Twins

Arcade 1991 Dos Dosbox Arcade Masters Platformer

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Crocodiles love platforming challenges too!

Cool Croc Twins is a platformer game for kids or for anyone that loves cartoon crocodiles and a good dose of croc based platforming and left to right sidescrolling. The game is a very colorful one, yet not that diverse gameplay wise. But it figures, since, like I said, it caters mostly to children or lovers of cartoon experiences. In terms of types of challenges, jumping from one platform to another is the basis of the game, while, also the messing about is enticed by the need to located food items, keys and other objects that are required to finish the current level. There is also a puzzle gameplay mechanic into this one. Thus, there is quite a bit of diversity in the game. The best experience though is the multiplayer one, where both of your crocodiles will be used, and where solving each level is easier, without as much going about. Overall, you'll play it for the novelty, but soon enough the lack of diversity kicks in. Yeah, most of the levels look and ask the same kind of things from you, which is not that great. However, if you like the presentation of this one, you might also enjoy Gods, another platformer though this time not as cheerfully cartoonish, rather more gritty and violent.

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