Arcade 1991 Dos Dosbox Bitmap Brothers Platformer Myth and legend

Be Hercules, in an alright sidescroller adventure

In Gods you play the mighty half god, half human Hercules, on a quest to get the bidding of the Gods completed. It's an NES looking sidescroller in the way it plays, and it sure gives you a whole bunch of options, missions and diversity, of course, within the limits of a budget oriented game, which is what this one is. The backgrounds and the level design is never exceptional, but even so, it manages to bring about interesting looking areas, that will challenge you pretty thoroughly at times. Thus, Gods is the kind of game that you'd want to sink into, as long as you like sidescrollers, and as long as the style of the 90s NES games is something you find to your liking. So, no matter what, Gods is pretty decent, always having some bonus mission or some bonus power up set in there. There are trinkets to collect, and as you go you will get new powers, new weapons and new items, that will just make your journey forward more tackle ready! Animations wise, and graphics wise, it is a well produced experience, and it sure is worth sinking into, but, if you want a more modern game, with Hercules as well, download Hercules, the Disney classic that is also a remarkable adventure sidescroller.

Gods be praised

Gods is a 1991 action platform game made by Bitmap Brothers, responsible for some other popular games like Xenon and Speedball. In Gods, you play Hercules in his path to achieve immortality. Using various weapons, shooting enemies to destroy them, jumpin over traps, solving puzzles, your goal is to reach the end of the level where you fight with a Guardian, i.e. boss of the level. If you beat all the bosses, the gods will grant you immortality and you become a resident of Mount Olympus, the gome of the gods.This game is praised for its AI because your enemies won't just go from spot A to spot B, waiting for you to kill it. They also adapt to your skill and become stronger as you do, making them a lot harder to destroy. Also, the use of weapons and the action make the game a lot more interesting than other platform games. The graphics isn't much, but it's good for it's time. The sounds are typical for that time, blips and short midi sounds when you pick up an item and a sound of explosion when you destroy someone, and a midi song that is playing in the backgroung all the while. Gods is a very interesting platform game, action packed and definitely worth of your time. If you are a fan of old games, make sure you don't miss this one out.

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