Corsairs: Conquest at Sea

Strategy 1999 Windows Microids Real time Isometric

Realistic and alive

Corsairs: Conquest at Sea is a real-time strategy game whose action takes place during the 1600s. You play as a privateer, and you can choose your side: England or France. Fight for fortune, fame and for the king! And, as in every game that exists, you have dangers that hide and enemies on the sea, like the pirates and the Spanish fleet. Corsairs has two different campaigns, one for each European state mentioned earlier. From the beginning I have to warn you that it's not that easy to control and to defend a ship. When you will get in a sea battle, things will get even worse and harder. Therefore, you have a training mode available that will prepare you thoroughly for the fights that await you. During the game you will be guided properly with the necessary instructions. You will expand territories and head to the Carribeans, where you will try to obtain the wealth and glory. You will start as a corsair, but the progress will put you in charge to command huge ships. You will also have the possibility to build them, and not only. The effects are marvelous and realistic, reminding me of the pirate movies I've watched. The money will come from trades with gold, coffee, silk, sugar and many more. Corsairs is impressive for its alive design and story. Don't miss the great adventure and experience on the sea!

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