Aztec Wars

Strategy 1999 Windows New Media Generation Historical Real time Isometric

Average RTS but goood gameplay elements

It is a war strategy game which also involves management and role playing elements. The plot in the game is a lengthy one but is based on the alternate history of the 17th century. You will first start with simple and basic houses which allow you to earn money which you will use for different unit building and infrastructure building purpose. To earn big money and to really go big with the units and infrastructure, you will need to convert the houses into towns and villages which will then make you earn large amount of money. The money will be spent to build units and buildings in your regime and will also be used to buy weaponry and modern facilities such as defense towers which will fire at the enemy targets. You have to safeguard your settlement with your units and will also have to destroy the units and settlements of the enemy to win the game. The game involves real time strategy and this demands quick decision making which should also be effective. The interface is what we see in good RTS games and the graphics are seemingly perfect. I loved all the elements of the gameplay and will play it again someday. I have also been told about another game which I also have on my must play list and that game is Alexander.

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