Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries

Strategy 1998 Windows Enlight Interactive Fantasy Real time Isometric Real time strategy

Enjoyable historical strategy gaming

The original Seven Kingdoms was a pretty decent strategy affair from the designer of Capitalism and made for entertaining stuff for fans of Civilization and the like. The game featured all the usual aspects of such games, requiring military might and tactical genius alongside skill at diplomacy and trade and while it wasn't overly original, it was put together with enough skill to make it a worthy addition to a crowded genre. This is really an updated version of the original and sees players choosing from one of several historical kingdoms (including the Zulus, Indians and Egyptians) and then competing with their opponents for domination of the globe. The main draw of the game is the single player campaign which is pretty extensive, and which can also be tweaked to your satisfaction, with everything from mission objectives to difficulty level to the number of opponents capable of being altered. There are several pre-designed scenarios to enjoy as well as random missions while you also have a nice variety of terrain types to battle over and which each present a unique tactical challenge. As mentioned, while Seven Kingdoms is pretty generic stuff, it manages to transcend its lack of originality to provide a solid strategy experience. It's certainly challenging enough, even for veterans of this kind of thing, while there is a nice variety of missions to enjoy and which should keep you entertained. The controls and interface are decent enough, making jumping into the game pretty easy while the visuals, although unspectacular, certainly do a decent enough job. If you feel you need another strategy game in your life, this is certainly worth a look.

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