Warlords Battlecry 2

Strategy 2002 Windows Noviy Disk Fantasy Real time Isometric Role playing

Standard fantasy fare

The Warlords Battlecry series is a spinoff from the Warlords franchise of medieval strategy games, although if truth be told, there aren't that many differences between the two. This second game is actually the best one and makes for a reasonably entertaining time if you're into magic, monsters and strategy. There's nothing overly original on display here, with the game taking place in the usual fantasy world where turmoil reigns and with the various races all locked in war. It's your job to take on one of these races and lead them to victory by duffing up everyone else until they are nothing more than a greasy paste. The whole thing is fairly similar to Warcraft III and plays out in familiar real time strategy style. The twelve races on display here are quite varied and require distinctly different tactics, while there is also a slightly limited tech tree to explore. The races also require different resources to harness their powers and abilities and which adds a nice bit of variety. The game doesn't actually feature a storyline and is more based around a setting rather than a plot, so if you like strong narratives, then look elsewhere. A cool aspect of the game is the way that revolts pop up in conquered lands but unfortunately things are a little unbalanced in terms of races. The High Elves always dominate which can get a little frustrating, while the difficulty level is also a little wobbly. Overall, this is a decent if unspectacular fantasy adventure which lacks the brilliance of Warcraft III but which makes for an undemanding time.

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