Corsairs Gold

Strategy 1999 Windows Anuman Interactive Myth and legend Role Playing Naval Real time Historical

Become the most feared pirate of the seas!

Corsairs Gold contains the original real-time strategy game named Corsairs and its expansion pack, both popular for their solid gameplay. Corsairs: Conquest at Sea takes place during the 1600s. You play as a privateer, and you can choose your side: England or France. You will expand territories and head to the Carribeans, where you will try to obtain wealth and glory, fighting for fortune and for the king. There are various enemies in your way, like the pirates and the Spanish fleet. You will start as a corsair, but the progress will put you in charge to command huge ships. The trades with gold, coffee, silk, sugar and many more will help you get money. The training mode is very helpful, preparing you thoroughly for the battle challenges and other important things you should take into consideration. The expansion disk called The New Conquerors adds 2 new campaigns, where you will play for two new nations: Spain and Holland, 21 new missions, and the "Adventure mode", that comes with five maps where you have a complete freedom of exploring, without any fixed missions. Corsairs deserves to be played for its realistic, amazing design and story. Don't miss the great adventure and experience on the sea!

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