Strategy 2004 Windows Akella Real time Role Playing Action strategy Action Managerial

A brawler with lots of Rs in it: RTS, RTS and raging action too!

What if your average Sims game was a brawler? What if it had a good coating of RPG in it, a dose of real time tactics/strategy and also was action packed? Well, imagine no more, Gangland is here to deliver. I this game you will be responsible for an Italian mafia family, which is looking, as all mafia families do, to hold their influence over the city and to expand, if possible, their reach in the city. Therefore, the Gangland recipe is a very interesting one it's really a serious game, even if it has a bit of that unassuming Sopranos as a management/strategy game theme going for itself. But, truth be told, you won't be overcome by complexity in this game; most of the missions that you end up doing are action based – find that one, bribe him, beat him up, killing, you know mafia type business! It's an engaging game Gangland truth be told, though, in spite of all its elements it doesn't really manage to hold its grip on you for long; the basic interactions are just too bare, like I said, most of the missions end up in fights and so, the immersion kind of fades away when you find out that the game doesn't really care to convey a stylistically more profound or level experience. So, yeah, it's a brawler action game that seems to be more in the beginning, which is just not cool, man, not cool, hehe! (Cartman, go away!). So play it only of you want a sort of lite top down action game lightly about mafia, more about mindless (and repetitive) action.

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