Crazy Nicks Pick Parlor Games With Laura Bow

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Parlor games collection, none too satisfying though...

It seems that the budget auspice under which this game was released got the best of it; Crazy Nicks Pick Parlor Games With Laura Bow is a bundle of action and board games, none too clever and none too enticing. In fact, the action games are so underdeveloped that they feel like nothing more than the earliest beta proof of concept type of deal, and unfortunately, that takes a big toll on your enthusiasm to try the other games as well, thinking that maybe there is at least one minigame in there worth its salt. And that sure is the case, as this minigame called King's Graham's Board Game Challenge sure feels more playable than most of the other games, but then again, the less than polished nature of these other games just rubs the entire collection with that feel that you are really just wasting your time. I'm sorry, but I can't just turn a blind eye on your low quality of production even if this one game might be worth it. The bundle is indeed diverse but it should have received more polish and a bit more attention to really be worth my time and your time. Plus, there are bundles of mini parlor games out there that take the job a little more seriously, like Hoyle's Book of Games - Volume 1, which I fully recommend instead of this botched one.

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