Puzzle 1993 Dos Bones Park Software Artistic Strategic scope Casual

Tile based puzzler; in line with Brix

Sixx is an original puzzle digital board like, with icons/tiles, and that asks you to reduce the number of symbols on each level until you've took them all out. There are 6 symbols in the game (hence the name), such as a cross, a horse show, a gem/diamond, a square and a cone. They come in different variations in each level ad you have to reduce their numbers but also need to stick to the rules of the game. You can shift them, either vertically or horizontally, but also on their axis. It's mostly like a more complicated, more difficult version of Brix, with more ideas behind it. Graphically the game could have been a little better, even for a very budget oriented build, which it clearly was looking for. But then again, it's adequately worked and there is no single instance where the graphics negatively impact playability, which is great. Plus, it controls immediately, so you can't really complain. So, it's great also because it is a meaty game, with loads of levels and loads of material. So, what can I say, have it in your collection; it will definitely not disappoint. It is well crafted, and for puzzle freaks with tile builds, I'm pretty sure it's going to impress!

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