Grand Slam Bridge II

Puzzle 1992 Dos Dosbox Electronic Arts Cards

Awesome for a puzzle game

The game serves as a very exciting sequel to Grand Slam Bridge and is a very fun puzzle game with a fair bit of variety. The A1 in the game is the most exciting feature about it as it is very diverse, competitive and full of options which have not been seen in many bridge games of the old and the recent times. The game allows the user to play about more than one billions bridge hands and is featured by some very challenging computer players. Those who are die-hard lovers of this genre will enjoy this game very much because of the wide spectrum of bidding and the skills of the players and those who are new to this genre will get to like it soon enough. The game also features some very good libraries where they are well drafted tutorial hands along with the feature of some very useful hints that help you along the course of the game. The game has some very good and inviting VGA graphics which are incorporated for a fine gameplay. It also has a flexible practice mode which gives a wide variety of options but it only lacks in terms of the music which can really make it more addictive.

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