Hoyle's Book of Games Volume 1

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Old-school card game collection

With Hoyle's Book of Games - Volume 1 you get a comprehensive collection of parlor games, with such classics as Gin Rummy, Cribbage, Old Maid as well as Crazy Eights. For a game released in 89, it doesn't look half bad, quite on the contrary, the simple, high contrast tables and the different packs of cards make playing for longer periods of time ok, so that you never get the feeling that your eyes hurt. Other than that, the collection allows you to pick from a number of avatars to play against, or you can also play with your friends, by controlling the game in turns. An interesting flavor element of the game is that the AI opponents, which are 18 in total (with 3 AI players available for any game at all times) also display bubbles of text at times. Depending on their personalities, these comments and remarks can be quite diverse, and for a good amount of time they will feel diverse. But, of course, the important thing is that they can play diversely as well, some more aggressively, others less so. So, give it a try and if you're hooked don't forget about the other runners in the series, Hoyle Official Book of Games Volume 2 and Volume 3 which continue the series and introduce some other card games as well.

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