ARL 96

Sport 1996 Windows Electronic Arts Rugby Tournaments

Get in there!

A casual player might dismiss this as simply another John Madden American football simulator, but to do so would be a huge mistake. It's actually one of the few games on the market which simulates the rough and tumble sport that is Australian Rules Football and if you're after a neat alternative to something like Jonah Lomu Rugby, it's worth the effort it takes to track it down. This one is actually made by the same team as Rugby World Cup 95 but don't let this fact put you off as this one is noticeably better. There are many of the usual options to choose from here, including a wide range of real world teams, including local and international ones, as well as a handful of modes to try out. Other than that, it's very much business as usual for a sports game, but for most players the rules will be suitably different to what they're used to to make this of interest. Like rugby, this one plays fast and furious, with less of the tedious stopping and starting which plagues American football, and which helps to make this more entertaining than some similar titles. There's perhaps less in the way of strategy or depth to worry about, but it makes up for it by being pretty fun for the most part. The controls are simple to pick up and master, so you'll be running and passing in no time, but the game does put up a good fight so should keep you going for some time. The visuals are decent enough with some well-animated sprites and with the whole thing moving at a good pace. On the whole, a pleasingly different sports sim which is worth a look.

Please make this downloadable (pretty please?)

I have been searching for this game (a NON emulator version because the Megadrive engine wasn't terribly good) for years because EA are notorious buggers when it comes to out of date games - "Down pirate, don't download" they preach, yet this game is otherwise unobtainable. I absolutely loved World Cup Rugby '95 (rugby equivalent) because the graphics are simple but effective and the game isn't overly technical but plays well (for an older EA sports game). I was so excited when I saw this game listed here, 'I'VE FOUND IT!' I thought before seeing no "download this game" button because there isn't one....DARNIT....

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