NBA Live 97

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One of the legends

NBA Live 97 is a basketball game with a third-person perspective released by Electronic Arts, one of the leaders that provides the best and the most popular videogames. Its creativity and ambitions led to a rapid growth in the industry. The sports games created by EA have always focused on providing a large amount of fun to the players, and NBA Live 97 is one of the examples. The realism aspect is improved by the full motion capture technology and by the texture-mapped polygon environment. The good sound maintains the atmosphere, with the public cheers, and if some of the effects annoy you, they can easily be deactivated. The crowd is not very detailed, but this won't bother you so much, since the basketball match is entertaining enough to make you not notice other details. You can choose your team, or you can create one, and when you do this, you have the possibility to customize your player in a professional way, raising his degree and his own attributes. The realism also stays in the stunning animations and in the trading ways that can be set. For example, you can trade with up to three players. When playing a season, you can hire or let go free agents. Beside these qualities, there are other more to be said, but I will let you discover them. Overall, this game has something that will keep you coming back for more.

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