Cuerpo Rompe Bolas

Arcade 1988 Dos kronos Shooter Casual

The Orion Nebula is sending its minions to take over Earth!

Cuerpo Rompe Bolas is a sort of shooter game with balloon enemies and also with shooting in space added in for variety. In practice, most of your time you'll be spending shooting at the aforementioned balloons, which break in smaller bits. These too can harm you if you touch them, but, at the same time, they can be broken once again in two smaller balloons still, and these last small balloon bits once shot at will forever disappear. But take care not to make a mess of it all. Make sure you shoot at a balloon piece and then destroy the ensuing ones, and once these are out, only then go on to take out the remaining ones. The idea is that you don't want to just take out balloon bits at random; if you do that, you'll have too many pieces hurling towards you. And if they hit you, you lose a life. And your repeats are not infinite. Only 5, which get regenerated very hard. Graphically it's an alright game, colorful 16 bit like, and with beautiful Spanish backgrounds, mostly inspired by architecture. So, if you like it, also download Ball Race, similarly puzzly, and action oriented, with balls at the center (!).

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