Side Arms

Arcade 1987 Dos Capcom Shooter Futuristic

A horizontal shooter, old yet playable

In Hyperdyne Sidearms you will be offered quite a bunch of levels, to shoot your way through left to right, with a good enough amount of different upgrades to collect on your way and also, with a satisfying CGA graphics style. A lot of the game is shared with an even better contender of the genre, of this early age – Zaxxon, which is truly more original and better polished than this one. But then again, that one will be over in quite a short amount of time, and having options at your disposal on the same genre is also very important. Thus, Hyperdyne Sidearms is a great timewaster, not the most original, but not a blatant steal of some other game's levels'. Yes, a lot could have been bettered, but, for what a later 80s game made under a budget would entail, it sure has enough to go on by. Naturally, Hyperdyne Sidearms won't stay on your mind for too long after you're done with it, though a few of the bosses, if you manage to have the patience to get to the later levels, will certainly impress you. And that is all you can ask of a game like this one, when all is said and done.

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