Ball Race

Racing 1988 Dos Arcade style Top down

Race and dodge the other balls!

A simple, straightforward, EGA graphics game, in which all you have to do is race the other balls in each track, and try to avoid and not bump any of the other dummy balls, for if you do, they'll deviate your course, or, even worse, they'll manage to throw you off the track and out of the competition. It's a dumb fun game, very simple, in no more than 4 colors, yet once you start playing it, you'll find it so compelling and so much fun! It's also got an energy boosting mechanic, as you need to immerse your ball into the energy recharging units on the road, to insure that they will continue to work. You can either choose to go very fast, or you can choose to bounce the fuel balls. Also, as a proactive attack, you can lay mines about, and by doing that you will blow other balls out of the track, but they too can return the favor! All in all, a very fun game! Download it along with Racer a similarly simple racer, yet one that you won't be able to let go once you've started playing, and almost as scarce graphically.

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