Revenge of Defender

Arcade 1988 Dos Dosbox Epyx Shooter Futuristic

Sidescroller space shooter; well behaved!

Revenge of Defender is a sidescroller shooter in space, as Defender was, and, similar to it, the ship you're controlling kind of looks the same. But not only that, but some of the upgrades you can collect in your sidescrolling left to right battle are similar in style to that one, so, maybe, the game was produced with the thought of looking like un upgraded version of Defender. But, whatever the thinking behind the game, it is a very well produced sidescroller, very satisfying to play, and, all in all, very well produced, with great graphics, great waves of enemies and an increasing difficulty. In terms of additional one-ups, you get better weapons, new lives, and shields and the more you collect, the better your chances of surviving the increasingly aggressive waves of enemies. Thus, Revenge of Defender is a good shooter game, sure, with 8bit graphics, which up the ante just a little compared to Defender, but nonetheless, produce a good, fun game. Could have been a little more generous with the amount of different enemies included, but even so, it's still a balanced, well done game.

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