Cycling Manager 3

Sport 2003 Windows Akella Team management

On your bike!

The market isn't exactly flooded with cycling games but if stuff like Pro Cycling Manager floats your boat then this is probably worth adding to your collection. It's not the best sports sim/management game out there but if you've got a cycling itch which needs scratching, this might do the job. The essential gameplay is similar to earlier installments, particularly Cycling Manager 2, and which finds you in charge of a pro team and which gives you the goal of getting them to the top. There are a number of teams to choose from, each with their own characteristics, and as the manager you're in charge of everything, from setting up training programs, to finding sponsors, getting equipment, dealing with contracts and setting strategies during races. There are a number of new features here, including a revised sponsor goal system, the ability to hire scouts, improves visuals, tweaks to the budget system, the option to focus on training individuals, improved AI and user interface. All of these things seem pretty minor and if you have played the previous version you might struggle to see all that much difference this time around. However, if you're new to the series, then this stands as a reasonably compelling management sim which features enough detail and variety to keep you going for a while. The visuals are decent enough, with some nice detail and environments to enjoy, while the various gameplay elements are integrated well. Overall though, this just lacks that certain spark which would have made it a great choice for sports fans, leaving it as strictly average.

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