Premier Manager 3

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They think it's all over!

While the original Premier Manager was a very decent slice of soccer management fun, by the time this third installment rolled around, the series was looking pretty stale, with little in the way of innovation. It's not a bad game as such, obviously more appealing if you're into soccer, it just lacks anything to mark it out from rivals such Championship Manager, so unless you desperately need another such game in your collection, you can probably skip this. You start out by taking over a team at the bottom of the fifth division and it's your job to get them all the way up to the glorious heights of the premier league and on into Europe. As the manager, it's your responsibility to sign the right players for the team (staying within the budget of course) and you'll have to do everything from hiring staff such as coaches to taking care of the stadium and planning tactics. One of the few additions over Premier Manager 2 is the assistant coach, who you can delegate tasks to, while there are also more tactical options for when your team is on the pitch, and actual match coverage is also improved. PM3 is certainly a solid experience, with all the detail and options that serious soccer fans demand. The new additions are certainly welcome and help make you feel like you're getting at least a bit of new stuff for your money, but in the long run, they just feel worth it and things feel very similar to the previous installment. However, if you haven't played that one and are keen to try a management sim, this should probably be on your short list.

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