Championship Manager 3

Sport 1999 Windows Eidos Soccer Team management Business

Must have football management simulation

It is sports management simulation where you will be the manager of a soccer team and your goal is to make it go through all the glory of wining matches and make a name for themselves. As a manger you will have to select the most appropriate players, make good formation and on field tactics, manage the problems of the players and try to satisfy the chairman so that you career can progress. The game has a lot of elements that are not common with all the football management simulations of those times. The manager has to be very keen towards the stats and figures and have to analyze the skills of the players based on such stats so that he can sign the right one for the team. The game also gives you some very good football action sequences and has a lot of leagues in which the matches will be played. In terms of the interface, you will find it very easy to grasp and learn and this adds a good playability to the gameplay. The graphics in the game are very good and so is the A1. Other good football management games in the genre includes its sequel Championship Manager 4.

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