Dance of the Planet 2.0

Puzzle 1990 Dos ARC Software Education

Astronomy edutainment tool; pretty well realized

If you want computer software that offers you text info and visualizations of our planetary system, you can be sure that you will get a really well produced build from this game. It is pretty well realized, with a good dose of original content, and with a really interesting construction, that will definitely give you a heads up as to what the distances between planets are, how the planets actually revolve around the sun and what the cycle actually looks like. It's a graphical game, actually, with interactive portions, but mostly it's an educational tool; so the entertainment comes from the information rather than from some actual gameplay in there. The 3D graphics are more than alright, and while the detail is not extreme, you can zoom in and out and take a look at the planets and at their orbits; it's great for astronomy enthusiasts and for those that want a tour of our immediate universe! Another great game that kind of teaches us about the Earth, while being a lite package, easily interactible with, is Atlas, worth having when you feel like learning about geography.

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