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Good idea, bad game

Have you ever wondered how it would be to be like someone like Collumbus, a sailor with a mission to explore and chart the world? Well, Atlas (full name The Atlas Renaissance Voyager) is a way to achieve that goal somewhat. You are charged a mission, a mission very well paid, to go and explore the lands and seas that are 1000 miles south of Portugal, all in the time of five years. During that time, you can trade and find news, sailing and charting new mysterious lands. The game is quite realistic in the way that you can even get contagious diseases that can decimate your crew or make you lose some of your trade ships. But most of the time, nothing interesting is happening much, so the game provides no real excitement. The game is in VGA graphics, with very simple maps laid out in a white-ish color and simple icons. There is nothing special that stands out. The music department is also nothing special. This is a game with a very nice idea and has originality, but execution is lacking in excitement and there is nothing very interesting to do. If you want to play a good game of this sort, go and play Colonization .

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