Gumboots Australia

Puzzle 1990 Dos Dosbox Reckon Software Pty Ltd Education

A nice Carmen Sandiego like edutainment

This is the Australian version of that old classic Where in the USA is Carmen Sandiego, or, by the same token, an Australian geography option for those that want to have a game similar in mechanics to the one above. Now, while the premise, and the way the game is produced are similar, there are, though, some differences. Yes, you still play someone who is looking to find the location of a spy lady, while, also, trying to accumulate as much treasure as possible. The style of the game is very American, having an Americana, lite, neon like set of graphics and additional ideas that you will certainly like. The educational value of this one derives mainly from the geography lessons it teaches, as the game truly shines in this department, but not much anywhere else. So, definitely, if you liked any of the CS games, this one won't disappoint. Sure, it could have hd more diverse gameplay, with a few more additional puzzles, but as it is, it is sufficiently diverse, even if geography is its main thing mostly.

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