Foxtrot Delta

Puzzle 1990 Dos Dosbox Reckon Software Pty Ltd Education

Flying Doctors!

This underrated little gem is a fantastic and original slice of edutainment that really gets players into the heart of Australia, and although it's less well known than Carmen Sandiego or Headline Harry, it surely ranks as one of the genre's finest. The player is thrust into the role of a doctor/pilot in Australia's famous Flying Doctor service and it's their responsibility to travel around the bush, following disease outbreaks and bringing them safely under control with your medical expertise. It all starts out with a simple message from HQ and then you travel to the likely location where the disease is causing trouble, interviewing the locals once you get there to track down the source of the problem. As you travel, you start to pick up fascinating tidbits about Australia's history, but it's not all fun and game and you're going to need a good memory for the diagnosis section where you need to remember all the important facts so that you can pick the right antidote. As far as edutainment titles go, this really is top notch stuff. The visuals are decent, although perhaps not up to the standard of Gumboots Australia or Bushbuck Charms, both from the same developer, and they do a solid job of bringing the outback to life. It's the gameplay though that is the real star here and it is fascinating, challenging and educational in equal measure. There's something highly compelling about taking on such an unusual role in a game and you almost feel like you're making a difference, while it also gives you a greater appreciation of those who perform the job in real life. Recommended!

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