Dangerous Dave 2 - The Haunted Mansion

Action 1991 Dos Dosbox SoftDisk Publishing Humorous Platformer

Dave goes at it again

Dave comes back in another addition, this time better and more awesome than before. A continuation from the original Dangerous Dave, this one has the almost identical gameplay as its predecessor, but with one interesting novelty - you are armed with a shotgun and you can shoot eight bullets at any time, but there is a catch. After you shoot out your bullets, you have to wait for a while for the gun to reload before you can shoot again. That gives the game a lot of challenge, where the player must think carefully about when to shoot and how to time the shooting with the reload sequence. What is also new is that he can change the angle of his gun, which can be a very helpful addition. So we follow dave through a haunted mansion, fighting all kinds of different monsters and enemies. The game looks a lot better than before, with improved graphics and much more detail given to the game's surroundings. There is no music, just computer generated blips and other simple sounds of the game, not very attractive, I must say. Still, Dangerous Dave is a much better game than the first one, and the awesomeness just continues in the game's sequels - DD 3 and 4.

One the best sidescroller games

Dangerous Dave in the Haunted House (Mansion) is one the best sidescroller games. It is a horror game and it is actually really scary to play because of the extreme difficulty. The levels are full of enemies. They are stronger, faster, and see you before you see them. Any time they hit you, you die immediately and go back to the begining of the level.

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