Action 1994 Dos Microsoft Cartoon Humorous Platformer Adventure

Nice platformer with a characterfull gecko!

They were all after the throne that Sonic had managed to create for itself, and when I say them I look at Earthworm Jim which managed a decent job at that and also at Gex, which, in his own defense, was more inclined towards speculating the humor of the Earthworm Jim series rather than going for its faster and more diverse execution. But, yeah, Gex managed to create a less speedy, a more lenis, and more infused with puzzles action adventure in sidescrolling platformer style, and for that matter, it did a decent job. Graphically it stood somewhere at the line of shareware and higher quality titles, and, well, some might have thought that it was a budget game, which, in all honesty it was. So, actually, rather than seeing the graphical outlook of the game as some sort of disappointment, it's rather more of a success story. Anyway, given that you're playing a gecko, it should come as no surprise to you that his activities revolve around bug eating, leaping from platform to platform and also, walking on vertical surfaces. Yap, those suction cups on his feet and hands sure come in handy! So yeah, a nice, alright game, great for those that though Sonic a tad too fast and Jim a tad too muscular for a worm! Also, see Gex in 3D, for a 64 bit era like platformer experience.

Fight zombies, sumo wrestles and more

Gex is a fun side scrolling platform game that took days from my life, and I enjoyed it immensely! This game is set around a gecko that somehow got sucked into his television and now has to fight enemies over five different worlds that look like old B movies. He starts with a cheesy horror movie and then goes on. He has very cool abilities, like slurping his tongue to catch flies for food and powerups that make him better and faster, he can whip with his tail to destroy enemies and much more. I really love his moves, his attacks, since he moves quite gracefully and smoothly. I also love the level design, which may get repetitive after a while but still look pretty cool from the first. The game is very fun, very dynamic and has a very cool sound effect and music. I like the B-movie theme a lot, since while you go through the levels you see a lot of cool cliches that will surely get a smile or two out of you. The game is no masterpiece but still very cool and fun I recommend it to all platform lovers. Earthworm Jim, the game this one is constantly compared to, is also pretty nice, so go ahead and try that one too.

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