Dangerous Dave 4 - Dave Goes Nutz

Action 1994 Dos Softdisk Publishing Platformer Arcade style

Dave, to save his brother, Delbert

Dangerous Dave 4 - Dave Goes Nutz is a pretty simple and yet quite playable sidescroller, the forth in the Dangerous Dave series, a pretty cool and well produced game, but graphically quite minimal. Most of the levels are made out of 3 or 4 tile sets, which, as you can guess, leads to very simple and direct levels. Gameplay wise, Dangerous Dave 4 - Dave Goes Nutz is alright, mostly offering you the chance to dodge the baddies, escalate and jump over obstacles, while not a lot of other things are included. Also, what Dangerous Dave 4 - Dave Goes Nutz does, is offer you a pretty cool if repetitive sound track and a good amount of levels. Most of the game is set in this hospital space, so this will mean that nurses, doctors and others will all want you, but, for the most part, Dangerous Dave 4 - Dave Goes Nutz is a game about zombie infestation, rather than anything else. Play it if you like other Dangerous Dave games, the style is mostly the same in all of them, as the entire series is very cool.

Walking dead - platform style

This is the fourth installment in the Dangerous Dave series of platform games and a sequel to the famous Dangerous Dave 3 - Dave's Risky Rescue and is very similar to it in it's gameplay. Like in most platform games, you try to reach the end of the level by jumping, climbing ladders and picking up items, and Dave here is a little more violent than that - he has a shotgun and kills everyone he sees. Well, that's acceptable because Dave is in a mental hospital to save his brother Delbert and he is surrounded by zombies from whom he has to escape. All in all, I didn't find the game especially good or bad. It's just a formulaic platform game that is indeed fun, but there is nothing here that makes the game really stand out. The graphics are good, withing average for 1994. There is no soundtrack, only small sounds when you kill a foe or pick up an item. You are definitely welcome to try the game since it really is good, just don't expect it to be the best one you've played yet.

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