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Because platforming can be so much fun too!

Ugh! Is a definitely funny, comedic edged platformer game, that has all the elements that you'd love in such games; the high rise platforms, the walking (moving) platforms, the enemies at times positioned in impossible locations that you need to try and take from another angle, and a whole bunch of levels, differentiated by tile styles that are fairly different, though, in truth, reused a bit too much at times. The first impression that the game gives you, is that it is not the smartest or the most interesting of them, but that at least the developers tried, and gave it a good shot. Plus, it's got an arcade fell to it, with portions that ask of you to either go slow and calculate your every step, only to get to an area where you gotta run for your life. It's well balanced, and these spikes in the way you play it make it more interesting and will keep boredom away for long, which is all you can expect of it. Yeah, maybe if the colors were a little brighter, maybe it would have been better, but then again, for that you can download Luigi and Spaghetti, a sidescroller in Mario's universe that runs with it and does a beautiful job.

Being a cab driver in the Stone Age isn't easy..

There are more side-scrolling games in the gaming industry than one can count (Hocus being my absolute favorite), but this game is comes at a close second. Being a clone of an earlier Amiga classic Space Taxi, instead of a futuristic setting, this game takes us to the very distant past - the prehistoric era! So, the gameplay involves you flying your taxi over prehistoric landscapes and taking your passengers wherever they need to go. Everything is not as simple as it seems, though; there are lots of traps, hidden doors, switches and a lot of extra fun stuff that make your drive a lot harder. And you're also on the clock! If you get your passengers to their destination you might get some extra points and, of course, getting the highest score is always the main motive of the game. The game is very cute, fun and amazingly addictive. You'll definitely get caught up into this game, driving people here and there until the small hours of the morning. The prehistoric setting give the game a doze of a comic relief. The graphics are very nice, the amount of graphical detail adequate enough for a decent gaming experience and the soundtrack can be better, but the game is very fun nevertheless! If you like classic arcade games, this one will thrill you!

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