Dangerous Streets

Arcade 1994 Dos Dosbox Flair Software Beat em up

Superheroes brawler beat em up!

Here's a post 16 bit looking, superheroes heavy brawler beat em up. So, if that is what you crave, to go about, left to right, in a highly polished, non pixelated world, heavily inspired by comic book characters, then you will get that in Dangerous Streets without issues. What you don't get, however, is the sense of producing a lot of damage with your moves; the game is a bit sparse on the results of your hits, probably because it needed to extend the fights to allow the game to play for longer. But, that is not a problem for this game, because the animations, the controls, the general look and feel of it is great. Also, it is, if you will, quite a sexy game, featuring scantily clad ladies and muscle bound gentlemen, which means that the game is really prone to offering you an intense graphic experience. Nonetheless, it's a short lived experience though, but you'll thoroughly enjoy it, as the backgrounds and the fights themselves look great, really intense, very much based on superpower usage, you know fire, electricity and other kind of energy bullets. Alternatively, see Wild Streets which is relatively the same kind of thing, though the fantastic setting and the superhero characters are replaced by regular street thugs and enforcers.

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