Street Fighter 2

Action 1992 Dos Capcom Beat em up

Fighting game that swallowed my coins faster than a whirlwind!

If you've grown up in the late 80s or 90s and experienced the thrill of the arcade world, then Street Fighter will require no presentation. Imagine that your mother gives you some money just before you go to school, money you are to spend on a snack or on your lunch. Imagine that instead of buying food, you choose to save the money. On your way back home you make just one stop to a place where you will experience a most thrilling game. A game that will bewilder and remain within your mind for the entire day, week and, in extreme cases, like mine, for your entire life! Street Fighter 2 was without a doubt one of the most awesome fighting arcade games ever. It required coordination, strategic thinking, swift and secure reflexes and a good amount of memory and hand to eye coordination. The game pitted you against other characters with which you had to fight. Each character had a global set of moves as well as a few moves that were his or hers alone. To emerge victorious you had to be the master of your own character and also know how to approach each fight. So be happy that you no longer have to face starvation to play this amazing fighter, which in my opinion remains to this day the pinnacle (along with Street Fighter 2 turbo) of competitive fighter games. Hadouken, baby!

Street fighter back!

Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior is a competitive fighting game developed by Capcom, who also developed the other Street Fighter games. Originally released for the arcades, the game is availabe on various platforms: SNES, SEGA Mega Drive, DOS etc. While most people remember playing this game at the arcades, I actually first played this game on my older PC and remember having a lot of fun with this game. The game offers two modes of play: a tournament like game, where you select you character and fight the others, and Versus Mode, which is basically a single match against a selecter character. Unlike Street Fighter 2 Turbo, this one feels much slower, but as the first SF2 game, the controls are good and responsive. The special moves may require some time to pull off, but fortunately it won't take too long.

The most famous fighting game

Every one knows Street Fighter 2, its players, their story. This game is one of the first 2D fighting games. No rules, just kick and punch your opponent jumping on him or using the special moves that every one of them holds. Blanka, Ken, Dalshim, Zangief... choose the player you want to be and start fighting against the other ones. After the end there will be three more opponents, and, finally, an other one, the king of martial arts M.Bison. Defeating him you will learn the story behind the player you choosed, why he decided to be involved in the Street Fighter tournament.

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