Act of Fighter

Arcade 1994 Dos Softstar Entertainment Beat em up

Beautiful graphically and generally solid beat em up

I like the style of this game more than anything. The player fighter as well as the enemies seem to have drawn heavy inspiration from my all time fav fighter game, Street Fighter and thus, for me, it was an awesome surprise from the getgo. Unfortunately, not the same stands true with the (still beautiful, though, not really criticizing!) environments. These are more of a blend of sidescroller urban spaces without as much oomph or level of detail, but, not to worry, they too work great as an ensemble. It's just that you'll be craving for more, because the scenarios turn repetitive a little too soon. And, with all that in mind, you'll soon find out that Act of Fighter is just not as good as it could have been, but the mechanical portions work great. This is one well oiled and well satisfying game, the kind you want to really sink into, only to discover that it kind of runs in a loop. But, for a beat em up it sure works, for as long as you can avoid boredom, and let me tell you, it is both engaging and relaxing. Play it, and have it around in your Dos collection, for when brawling without too much fuss is what you need!

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