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First, we have to say that some companies create some replicas of some games, hopefully they will earn some easy money. As Diablo was a very popular and good game, it has many copies. One of them is Darkstone, but it's just a shadow of the original game. So, in this case, I will try to compare these two games, because I can't talk about Darkstone as being an original game. Darkstone uses the same game structure, same view of action, but in 3D, the same inventory system, the same health and mana system, same dungeon generation, same skills and magic system, lots of them are the same like those from Diablo, but they has different names, and even the pictures of the collected items are similar! If I didn't know the name of the game, I would tell that I play Diablostone. The story is about a monk that has the power to transform into a dragon and you must collect some crystals and kill the monk. Being a copy of Diablo, this game has some good stuff in general. Controlling two characters in the same time might be nice, but sometimes it's really confusing. Control and the sound are good, but the voices are horrible. Darkstone brings a new feature. It's the 3D graphics effect, but there are some bad points, also. The characters look polygonal and angled. It's obviously that the game requires a 3D graphics card, but even so, some things in game look very pixilated. And sometimes, the camera might get stuck into walls. In situations like these, you should rotate the camera. Another bad thing is the font for in-game text. It's hard to read and it requires to be read several times to understand it. So we could say that the game seems unfinished. So Darkstone is created as a 3D shadow of Diablo, but is seems unfinished and I suggest you play Diablo instead.

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