Another World

Adventure 1991 Dos Dosbox Delphine Software Multimedia novel Action based

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Teleported into another world!

Another World is one of the best adventure and action/puzzle combo games ever to grace us from the early 90s. It tells the story of a young man who travels, not by choice, to another world, from where he needs to escape. It's a proper adventure with action sequences. These sequences are about shooting, dodging, or are produced as puzzles. At any rate, Another World is truly original and well done. The shooting, to give just an example is done by pressing a buttons for very short amounts of time; press a button for a longer period, and you will find that instead of shooting you create an energy shield. It's a simple system but it works great in the world of the game and creates very interesting mechanics. Also, with Another World you get the chance to see spectacular, hand drawn backgrounds and really experience this new world in all its splendor. So, all in all, Another World as well as games such as Monkey Island are a culmination of the adventure genre, of the early days, when creativity was at its highs.

Amazing visuals

The game was revolutionary at the time of its release for the great cinematic video clips and the phenomenal visual graphics. The gameplay is typical platformer, with you running, jumping and mostly killing the aliens that come in your way to destroy you by any means available. The game is insanely fun to play and I was constantly amazed with the great visuals of the game. The art is beautiful and the colors are rich and full. The sound effects of the game are also very realistic and of high quality. If you like platform games, you should definitely try this game out and if you want the version that is more friendly to today's computer, you should check out the 15th Anniversary Edition. Have fun!

A landmark side scrolling game

"Out of this world" is also known by the names: "Another World" outside of North America and "Outer World" in Japan, is a very ahead of it's time futuristic game especially for 1991. The game makes use of stunning graphics that have 3 dimensional elements, by using polygon game design which was revolutionary for it's time. The game was made by the graphic designer, who made Future Wars. What makes this game's graphics particularly unique, is the backgrounds are all drawn by hand. The game is a 2D platformer, similar to that in gameplay and control to the famous Prince of Persia. The game has an extremely popular cult following that still lasts to this day, nearly 20 years later, which is a testimonial in itself to this game's ability to outlast; even modern games. The game is so popular in 2005 the game was even re-released for modern PC computers under the name Another World: 15th Anniversary Edition, which included a soundtrack, documentary, more levels and additions to the game, as well as keeping the original game to play. This is a must play game, my only faults with the game is: that you die quite a lot (but it allows you to re-spawn), the enemies can be quite repetitive and the game is actually quite short with only one or two hours total playing time. This game is a must play and is apart of video game history. If you can get your hands on any of the releases of Out of this World on any of the platforms that it came out on, I highly recommend giving it a go.

Seminal adventure/action combo!

You play as a character in future who accidently teleported himself (and his table) into another world (alien world). Your quest is to get back to earth thus fighting many aliends and solving puzzles. Death is very easy: just one hit from lasers or bite from aliens are enough to kill you. You're warned then, you have to play carefully!

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