RPG 1995 Windows Forgotten Sages Top down Real time Action based

A Gauntlet like title with better graphics and more monsters

Gladiator is a top down action game, much in the style of Gauntlet however, where the later was very poor graphically and not too diverse, this one comes with a lot more diversity, both in the scenery, reminiscent of Zelda like games, as well as in the monsters you will encounter. So, you play this gladiator type, but a more meaty background story is not included. However, what you need to know is that you will have to traverse the land, looking to stay alive for as long as possible. You do that by destroying all the monsters in your way, and by making sure you look in every nook and cranny, because you might find a better weapon or some armor bit that will offer you more protection than the one you already own. The game has a few RPG elements too; you can choose which class you belong too; you have a warrior, which is a melee artist, a long range player. It's a straightforward, top down action game from there on, and a great one, for all intents and purposes. Play it along with Gladiator 2357, which is somewhat similar, though graphically much more modern and advanced (3D graphics, a lot more weapons and enemies too).

You and your army against the demonic world

Gladiator is a very nice RPG (like Diablo) that successfully blends in elements of RPG, action and strategy, making one heck of a game in the process. The game puts you in control of four bad ass gladiators, and you have the option to either control all four of them or control one and let the computer control the others. Together you are on a typical RPG road of killing monsters, skeletons and whatnots while raising your player stats. There are also strong elements of strategy involved, since you must carefully plan out your position and your army's position, where they will go and how they will behave. It's more important than you think! I think the design of the game is pretty tasteful and nice, and the graphics are of good quality, and the same can be said about the sound system, too. RPG lovers who love games that include more than brainless killing will be specially attracted to the game, but I think every one will find this game both entertaining and fun.

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