Neverwinter Nights

RPG 2002 Windows Atari Third Person Real time Action based

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It succeeds in keeping your interest and your mind occupied

Neverwinter Nights is a 2002 fantasy role-playing game, that appeared in an era when RPGs where more and more enjoyable and exceptionally made. This game is one of those examples. You play as a hero who has the tough mission to save the city from an infestation. You will identify very quick and completely with the protagonist, and you will control only him, even if at times, some followers will enter the scene. There are four modes available: single-player, multiplayer, the AURORA editor (with which you can create and share your own story), and the DM (Dungeon Master) client (where you can create your own maps, introduce new monsters to fight with, and manage simple death match battles between players). As a start, you will begin with a training, and then you can embark in an adventure that will turn you into a real hero. You will avoid the evil intrigues and the enemies lethal attacks. You will be astonished by the surprises the storyline prepares you, and by the interesting options you have the opportunity to use. If you aren't too pretentious and if you don't expect too much from a role-playing game, Neverwinter Nights, is perfect for you. It has pleasant graphics and a nice environment design, excellent visual effects, and enough action to keep your mind occupied, and of course, your interest.

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