Delta Force: Black Hawk Down

Action 2003 Windows 1C Company Military Shooter Shooter action

A more dynamic shooter experience

Delta Force: Black Hawk Down doesn't need any presentation, since it is one of the most appreciated first-person shooter games of all time. Unlike the old Delta Force games, a greater and a more realistic experience comes with this game, based on the following: provoking missions with multiple possibilities, the tactics in order to complete the missions are different, the opportunity to handle the weaponry in helicopters or blinded vehicles. The missions are more complex and the action will definitely attract you into playing without pausing the game. Also, you will develop strategy skills, train your reflexes and stimulate your intelligence and perception. The graphics are modest and the background doesn't really inspire a combat atmosphere. But still, it is a bit suitable for military interventions. The control and movement is convenient and easy, and lets you strike down the enemies in a timely manner. If I could compare this game with Medal of Honor for example, I would create a more positive analysis for the second game. During missions, you will have to pay attention not to kill civilians, in order to complete the tasks correctly. As a conclusion, I recommend you should try this game if you have an appetite for action, but don't expect too much adrenaline.

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